I'm sharing my Lightroom Presets - the EXACT ones I made and use!

I get so many questions on what software I use, and how I edit my photos, presets, camera equipment etc., so today I am sharing all of that with you. I want to be as transparent and honest with you as possible, and remove so much of the work that I had to learn and do to get to today. 

Editing photos is, well... very much a part of your brand. I spent many many months perfecting my photographic style, trying to create settings that were both naturally true to the original artwork and stunning. 

The THREE PRESETS that I developed for my business are now available to purchase in my shop. Perfect for editing lifestyle, art studio scenes and flat lays. I am sharing my personal lightroom presets with you - the EXACT ones that I created and use in my photography and business every day! They are natural and just enough to bring your images to the next level without feeling over edited. 

What you'll receive:

  • Gorgeously curated, custom Donata Delano Presets that you can use for desktop and mobile use. 
  • Detailed Instructions for installing and using the preset in the FREE Photoshop Lightroom app
  • An easy and gorgeous design that will make your feed and business photography absolutely stunning, without feeling staged or overly edited.

Head here to browse.

However, I wanted to write a little more about what equipment I use, what I feel is very important and worth investing in, and what you can skip at together and DIY your way through it. Let's get started!

How Did I Start Out?

The truth is, I started with my iPhone. I studied some YouTube videos on how to start taking nice photos of artwork with an iPhone, and for a while that worked. 

But I was limited. I waited and took photos only when it was bright but somewhat overcast outside, and that small window of time during the day that was just right. 

You can see an example of that here. 

I also went out and found some really nice, neutral background papers and started to use those. ACTUALLY, I still use some of those papers today, they're so gorgeous and so much a part of my brand now. 

A photo of an art print on a fabric mat and frame.
Donata Delano Art​​

And So What Would I Recommend?

Fast forward a year later, and I decided it was time to level up. I purchased a very good (not AMAZING) digital camera (Canon EOS M200) as I was limited by budget and my business was still not making any profit. But I knew I had to take better photos and have my edit features and investing was really the only way to do that. So, for Christmas last year my husband bought me a camera, tripod and a light. 

From there, huge difference! I mean HUGE. I still remember that week I started to post better photos, better lit and better detailed, and the comments came in noticing the difference. My brand started to grow. I started to take better flatlay photos, and began researching how to edit my photos in photoshop lightroom.

A photo of an art print, framed in a gold frame and tied with a ribbon.
Donata Delano Art ​​

Which Brings Us to Today!

Another year later and I'm starting to feel confident and comfortable in my brand and style. My art continues to evolve and change, and I'm forever learning, and by no means is my business where it needs to be, BUT my delivery always remains the same, which I think is important when it comes to branding. 

I have taken the time to create my own presets that I want to share with you because all of these things are SUPER hard, and I think keeping them to myself doesn't benefit anyone. I think it's important to share and learn from each other, and when possible help. 

Progress is slow, but it's beautiful when we appreciate all the steps we take. Take a moment to appreciate everything unique you're doing - whether it be silly lighting techniques, using bed sheets as backdrops, or spending your evenings binging online content on how-to do this and all the things. 

Enjoy these presets and please, share your journeys with me! The art community is a wonderful place when we all come together. 



A picture of a landscape art print
Donata Delano Art​​
Handmade table name tags


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