Introducing Personalized Journals - Featuring a Beautiful Hard Cover

If you're like me, you obsess about anything you can write down - lists, recipes, journal entries, menus, tasks.. 

Writing things down connects us to the task - we slow down, we use our hands and have to focus on that one thing. It's a great way to teach ourselves some patience. Typing it into our phones isn't quite the same. And, admittedly, its becoming harder and harder to just sit and write by hand.. am I right? 

I've wanted to do this for some time, and thought that this was the perfect moment - when the year is changing and we're trying to introduce new habits! 


These handmade, one-of-a-kind journals are perfect for journaling, daily note taking on the go, grocery list, recipes, meditations, food journaling, study notes, list making or just to jot down thoughts throughout the day. 

They're designed by me, featured some of my favourite art pieces that I've painted, and printed in the USA in high quality paper and binding. 

✔ Each journal has a beautiful hard cover (front and back) art print that beautifully captures the texture of the brush strokes, paper and paint as in an original piece or art.  
✔ Each journal has a cotton textural quality that will make your notebook look textural, soft and luxurious paper.

✔ Choose Between Blank, Lined or Dot paper. 

✔ Each journal cover is made from quality fine art digital reproductions of an original piece painted by me. 

✔ Personalize your notebook by adding your name in the corner. 

✔ The back of each journal has a stamp of authenticity from Donata Delano Art.  

A photo of a spiral journal with an landscape art cover.
Donata Delano Art​​


Size: 6.5" x 9"

✳ Bound with gold wire-O. 

✳ 100 sheets/50 double sided individual pages

✳ Matte laminated inside cover

✳ Front and back cover print only

✳ Inside pages are available in blank, lined, or dot grid.

A photo of an art print, framed in a gold frame and tied with a ribbon.
Donata Delano Art ​​


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