Personalize Your Home Decor Style | How To Mix The Old and New

DIY Framed Fabric Mat
styling ​​collaboration with @freemanforfive

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I wanted to write a little post about something that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and encourage you to break outside of what is expected and use not just artwork but also personalized objects in your home to create unique spaces that align with your personal taste and feel of your home. We’re so influenced by visual imagery, and that’s not a bad thing – I love visual communication! – but, it may sometimes distract us from staying true to what we really love in our homes and result in what we think we should do rather than what we want to do.

Perhaps your home aesthetic is a mix of modern and traditional, and you have shelves that celebrate antiques next to newer décor items and not sure how to incorporate artwork into your space. You don’t want to get rid of that hard to style family heirloom that means so much but you’re afraid it just isn’t pretty or trendy enough. I wanted to put together a little list for you to summarize how to celebrate these things and use artwork to combine them. I believe that staying true to yourself is the strongest message that you can deliver in your home décor and there are simple ways to put things together so that they look nicely staged. Here are some of my art and home décor tips for 2023:

Natural Materials

Hands down, the best way to introduce and combine various styles is by maintaining a connection to natural materials. Timeless and enduring, natural materials such as raw wood, stone, and rattan almost always work together with all other materials. These materials can add warmth and texture to a space and can be incorporated into frames, mats, and other framing elements. @Freemanforfive on Instagram does an incredible job at using natural materials, light and warm colours to style her home in personal and family friendly way. Check her out on Instagram to follow her home reno journey! 

Let it be Eclectic!

Mixing and matching different styles and eras of art will continue to be a popular trend in 2023. This eclectic approach can create a personalized and unique look that reflects the homeowner's personality and style. A few years back, I put together a gallery wall for a really good friend of mine and she wanted to find a way to combine what would be sketches, paintings, photographs in a cohesive way that also told a unique family story.

Here’s the finished gallery wall – natural materials were the connecting piece, even though the artwork and décor varies piece to piece.

DIY Framed Fabric Mat
@patrickbiller for H&H Magazine​​

Bold, Earthy Tones

Browns, warm blacks, beige and rustic terracotta colours are at the top of home décor trends. This can be incorporated into art pieces or framing elements to create a statement piece in a room. Choose a unifying color scheme like this, even when mixing different styles. Doing this can help tie everything together. Pick a color palette that complements all the styles you're incorporating and use it throughout the space.

Personalized art

Maybe you have a family portrait that you just don’t know how to incorporate into your newly renovated living room? Personalized art pieces can be tricky, no doubt, but if you find a colour in common or use the frame rather than the art piece to tie it back to the room, it can add a lot of interest and style. Here’s a really good example of this that I love so much!

DIY Framed Fabric Mat
Jennifer Vaughn​​

Combine old and new

This is my go-to because I love a home filled with intentional memorabilia but I’m also a minimalist at heart! Incorporating vintage or antique pieces into a modern space or modern pieces into a more traditional space creates a lot of curiosity and personalization. Sustainable framing options which includes antique frames, is a popular trend in 2023. Homeowners and designers are choosing frames made from recycled materials or frames that are sustainably sourced to reduce their environmental impact, and they’re pairing them with very modern frames to create gallery walls that tell amazing stories!

If you found this post helpful, leave a comment below or share a photo of a space that was inspired by this post! If you're considering adding some wall decor, click below to view available pieces in my shop. 

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