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Good morning, everyone! I’ve been promising this to you for a while and I’m excited to finally put a date to my promise!

But first, what is the Beginner’s Studio Guidebook? 

Well, it’s everything that I’ve learned and implemented into my business in the last three years. Think of it as a digital journal of all the steps that failed and then worked as I grow my business. Mindset focused, it will guide you through the initial steps of your business – your goals, your implementation and what you’ll need to get there. Then, we will focus on your studio space, supplies, materials and time management, and finally discuss the strategies I use to grow my business, the artist community that supports me, and all the resources that continue to help me grow.

I started Donata Delano Art just about three years ago, when the world was spinning and we were all searching for the things that kept us grounded. For me, this has always been painting. I slowly grew my business from a hobby to a full-time, sustainable income that has changed my life in so many ways that I should probably write a blog post just about that. Noted! But if you're here, you're likely familiar with my work. My focus is on creating artwork that is heavily grounded in a natural, exploratory and tranquil state. I paint with oil, watercolour and soft pastels and sell my original work through my private website, small and large retailers in Canada and the US, and the Etsy Marketplace. My business includes selling original paintings, prints, retail products and digital products. I also coach other artists, and teach in-person watercolour classes to adults and children.

I’m still learning and growing – there are so many things that I work on every single day, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought that this was necessary now and not when I reach a point where I’ve slowed down or lost momentum (not planning for this though!) – because it’s so current and so raw and I want the energy that I have for my business today to translate to you, and all the excitement and realness that comes with that. I strongly believe that a beautiful life is defined by an honest approach to how we build and move through our day and what we choose to focus our attention on. But behind all of this, there is so much planning and care that goes into every single decision that I make. And that’s the part that I want to share with you in this e-book. As artists, sometimes we struggle with the technical, behind the scenes stuff – and I felt there was a big gap in the artist community when it comes to decision-making and day to day business management. I lacked that support for some time, so I want to share it with you all now to save you that time. From you mindset, strong artist communities, business planning to studio setup, photography and how I invest my time to grow my small business, this e-book covers it all.

The release date is scheduled for March 20th! It will be a downloadable booklet that you'll be able to read on your phone, computer or tablet - printable as well if you're a paper reader! Can't wait to share this with you!

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Warmly, Donata

Page Exerpt - Studio Guidebook


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