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DIY Custom Framing - Fabric Mat

Good morning, everyone! I’ve been promising this Fabric Mat Tutorial to you for a while and I'm happy to say that the tutorial is up!

I've had an overwhelming response when I asked if anyone wanted to learn how to add fabric to their frames - I mean, I've never had so many requests for anything so I thought it was absolutely necessary to share this with you all! 

You'll be surprised at how simple these are to make, really. You can use any frame, the steps are the same, and find all the supplies at your local craft store. As for fabric, have fun with it! I use a raw linen in the video but you can use any fabric you like. Extra points if you think outside the traditional and create some super unique - share it with me and I'll post it to my Instagram.

I won't keep you any longer - you'll find the video here on Youtube. Give it a try and keep me posted with your creations!



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