Nature Inspired Painting Workshop - Watercolour

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Payment Method: Online - Full Eight-Week Course

This class is for all levels. For me, art is about emotional release. I use painting to relieve stress and I enjoy the process as much as the outcome. If you're looking for a hobby that you'd like to use to do the same, this workshop is perfect for you.

We will begin with learning some fundamentals such as colour theory - mixing and value, brush techniques, paper and supplies. You're also welcome to bring any supplies that you might already have, however, everything you will need will be available at the workshop. The workshop will be taught in English, however, I'll do my best to speak Spanish when required. 

Here are the details for the in-person weekly watercolour classes in 
Juriquilla, Queretaro, Mexico. 
START DATE: Monday, September 11th - 8 week course, weekly.
These are weekly classes that will start with the very basics of watercolour (so no previous experience needed!). We’re going to start with some colour theory, fundamental techniques and lots of practice so don’t feel intimidated if you’re new to art. 
We'll also be enjoying our classes outside on a spacious terrace alongside a lovely garden!
Course Overview:
Week 1: Materials and Techniques I, Colour Theory I.
Week 2: Techniques II, Brush Strokes, Colour Theory II.
Week 3: Personal Colour Wheel
Week 4: Earthy Creations - Bubbles, Rocks and Lines
Week 5: Colour Palette Exercise
Week 6: Leaves and Fruits - Peachy Leaf Pattern Painting
Week 7: Composition, Colour Blending - Cherry Blossom Painting
Week 8: Layering, Textures - Simple Landscapes I and II
$600 MXN per class
$4200 MXN for 8 weeks.