From greeting card templates, escort cards to digital art prints and calendars, I offer a variety of digital products that you can download, customize and print at home.

I believe that are can be accessible, flexible and affordable when possible, and while digital products are NOT the same as originals, not should they replace the value, timelessness and originality that comes from original art, which I offer here, they can be great additions to a lovely and curated home.

What types of digital products do I offer?

This list is ever-growing. Currently, my focus is on growing my stationery printables, such as escort cards, greeting cards and customizable templates that you can download, edit and print at home via

Additionally, and this is super exciting for me, are the super detailed and textural digital prints that I have made available to everyone.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I love
selling original artwork, and even physical prints – but, I want to make art
more accessible to everyone. Printing and shipping physical prints around the
world can be expensive, especially for my customers, and while I love having
hands-on every step along the way, when I really started to think about it, I
knew I wanted to create a way to make digital prints that would be easy for you
to print at home, on ANY PAPER, and essentially impossible to mess up! So I
spent a lot of time creating digital prints in various ways to capture the
quality and texture of the original piece and paper they’re painted on. And
that’s exactly what I’ve done. I’m so excited about these digital prints. You
can print them at home, or take them to a local printer.

So what exactly makes these prints so unique?

Each print beautifully captures the texture of the brush
strokes, paint and soft pastels so that your print looks JUST LIKE THE

Each print has INCREDIBLE TEXTURE, and has a cotton textural
quality that will make your print look as if it's printed on very textural,
soft and luxurious paper, regardless of the paper you use.

Printable Art