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Nature Inspired Painting Workshop - Watercolour / Oil Mediums

Nature Inspired Painting Workshop - Watercolour / Oil Mediums

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This class is for all levels. For me, art is about emotional release. I use painting to relieve stress and I enjoy the process as much as the outcome. If you're looking for a hobby that you'd like to use to do the same, this workshop is perfect for you.

We will begin with learning some fundamentals such as colour theory - mixing and value, brush techniques, paper and supplies. This will be divided between both watercolour and oil painting, depending on your choice. You can decide this beforehand or on the day of. There will be some examples of the various techniques for you to choose from at the time of the class. You're also welcome to bring any supplies that you might already have, however, everything you will need will be available at the workshop. We will use 100% cotton paper, either 4x6" or 5x7" in size. 

We will then proceed to use our senses, tapping into our emotional state to create a piece that can then be framed and placed in your home. Don't be worried about this part. It's meant to be fun, and the process is incredibly exciting and relaxed. 

Refreshments will be available and included with your workshop cost. 

All languages welcome. The workshop will be taught in English, however, I'll do my best to speak Spanish when required. 

COVID Restrictions will be adhered to as per local recommendtions at the time of the workshop. 


This original artwork is painted on 100% handmade cotton paper.


See description for exact dimensions. Each sheet of paper is handmade and dimensions may vary slightly from those as indicated, typically only by milimeters due to the deckled edge.

Care information

Each original artwork is finished with a matte varnish to protect the painting from long term wear, fading or impact from artificial light or sunlight. Avoid handling the piece with your hands to avoid transferring oils onto the finished piece.

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