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"PINE COVE" | ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING | 5x7" | 12cm x 18cm

"PINE COVE" | ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING | 5x7" | 12cm x 18cm

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Oil Painting | 100% Cotton Paper | 4x6" | 10cm x 15cm

This original oil painting is created on 100% Cotton Paper, 140lbs/300 gsm, deckled paper. Signed on the front, and stamped on rear with paper of authenticity and care instruction. 

It has not been reproduced or digitally re-created.


This piece does not include a frame so the following tips will make framing at home simple and affordable. 

1. If you want the deckled edge to show, get your mat sized so that you have 1/4" (1cm) around the edge before the mat starts. This way, the edge will have some space to breathe before the mat begins. 

2. Whether it be a print or an original, another option is to frame in large frames, which makes for such a visual impact! It sort of screams, “look at me!” without being loud or obnoxious. Visually, the ‘white space’ around the piece is very understated but forces your eye to the piece. It’s extremely effective at holding your attention without overpowering

3. You have a lot of creativity when it comes to mats and framing. Centered, off-centred, large, small… you can play around and use the mat around the piece and incorporate it as a whole. I particularly love when a piece is off-centre on the mat, and the white space around the piece is grand and says, “this piece deserves all this space, even if it’s blank!”

4. When getting a piece framed in a larger frame, think double of triple the length and width of the piece. So, if your artwork is 4 inches x 6 inches, get a mat around the piece that is at least the same length or double. 


This original artwork is painted on 100% handmade cotton paper.


See description for exact dimensions. Each sheet of paper is handmade and dimensions may vary slightly from those as indicated, typically only by milimeters due to the deckled edge.

Care information

Each original artwork is finished with a matte varnish to protect the painting from long term wear, fading or impact from artificial light or sunlight. Avoid handling the piece with your hands to avoid transferring oils onto the finished piece.

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